Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

If you’re like me, you love photography but also love upgrading your camera gear. The only problem is that eventually, you have to get rid of the old stuff. Maybe you’ve upgraded to a new model, or maybe you just don’t need it anymore whatever the reason, selling used camera equipment can be a great way to make some extra cash. In this article, I’ll list 6 of the best places to sell used camera equipment in 2022.

You’ve finally done it. After months of planning, pining over photographs and recommendations on social media, and constantly raising your budget, someone has bought a new camera. But after spending so much time considering whether or not to acquire a new camera, you forgot to consider what to do with your old stuff. So where should you begin?.

In my opinion, there are three key factors to consider before deciding to sell your goods. The first is the offer price (for your equipment), which might be a major consideration.

Best Places to Buy and Sell used camera

  1. KEH Camera
  2. B&H
  3. Local stores
  4. Craglist
  5. Facebook Marketplace
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

KEH Camera stands #1 in our list of Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens and Equipment

In 2022, we predict that our number one source for selling and purchasing used camera equipment will be KEH Camera. KEH has been operating since 1979 and is widely recognized in the industry for its inexpensive second-hand equipment, broad variety, and exceptional customer service, which it provides.

The majority of KEH’s business is conducted online, making it perfect for photographers who need to purchase or sell their equipment from outside the United States.

KEH has a great reputation when it comes to purchasing or selling used cameras. If you’re looking for a safe way to buy or sell a used camera and don’t want to gamble on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, KEH is the place to go.

Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

KEH offers a 180-day warranty on most of the equipment it sells (collectibles and as-is products are not covered). Having a warranty for used photographic equipment is a significant benefit, and KEH is one of the few shops that provide one for 6 months.

A wide range of goods are on sale, from home lighting to perfume and spray tans. Everything is 30-50% off of retail, and purchases may be made using all major credit cards, PayPal, Stripe or Affirm – an interest-free method to delay your payments.

The website also offers a free online tool to obtain a price for your old equipment. The process of packing and sending the item to KEH is completely free – you may even get a free front door pickup if you live in the United States!

KEH will pay you by PayPal or check after they receive your equipment, or you may trade it in for one of their 60,000 second-hand cameras, lenses, or accessories.

B&H Photo stands #2 in our Best places to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens and equipment

B&H is a camera equipment store that has a worldwide presence. It sells high-end cameras as well as consumer and professional electronics.

A lot of individuals are unaware that B&H has a healthy second-hand industry and a separate camera store in addition to the B&H Photo SuperStore in New York City, which is known as the B&H Used Department.

If you’re a resident of New York, buying and selling used camera equipment is really simple because the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The store is also accessible if it’s not open at that moment. The typical inspection period for dropped-off Audio and Video equipment is 48-72 hours.

B&H will provide you with a preliminary quotation to show you how much money you may get for your item on the condition that it is in, and they’ll also give you a shipping label so that you can send it to New York City for free. It’s the same whether you’re selling the item or exchanging it in.


Adorama is right after B&H. They are another huge player in the photo business, famous for their diverse product range. The firm, however, does an excellent job of allowing you to quickly and simply sell your camera equipment through their website.

You just go to the quote page and fill in a few personal information to find out what they’re prepared to give you. They also provide you with phone or email information if you want to proceed in another direction. Despite the fact that their rates are somewhat cheaper than other alternatives, they buy practically everything.

Adorama is a popular online camera store that specializes in equipment for all types of photography and video. They take old vintage versions as well as the newest releases.

There’s also a huge used equipment area on the site, which is perfect for people searching for a bargain on pre-owned equipment. Shipping is free, and if you decide to sell, you’ll get a check or bank transfer.

Local Camera Store

If you don’t enjoy the internet or just want to sell your old stuff as quickly as feasible, you may always bring it to your local camera shop. This is possibly the most painless method to get rid of some used items if you have a store in your area, especially one that you visit frequently.

Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

You may visit in person, which gives you total control of the situation, and some places even allow you to sell via shipping. Some stores might even foot the bill. Simply call or email them to inquire about their conditions.

When it comes to selling old equipment, going to a store typically won’t offer you the most money versus online marketplaces, but the procedure does allow you to quickly and reliably get rid of outdated gear without too much effort. That makes it ideal for items that you’re willing to sell at a low price.

Selling your old equipment at a store is another alternative. Alternatively, you may trade in your old camera and lenses for new ones at a retail shop as a part exchange.

It’s vital to note that gear stores are primarily about selling merchandise. They won’t necessarily give you the best price for your old goods since they’ll want to sell it and make a profit. However, selling your old equipment to a retail outlet is the easiest way to get rid of it.


Craigslist is a worldwide classified advertising portal that’s divided into numerous categories for people looking for work, housing, services, and items to sell.

The site also gives you complete control over the transaction. You may customize the price, inform others how much you want, and negotiate various expenses. There’s also the convenience of being able to advertise your items in a certain location.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to Craigslist. You must upload everything yourself and validate the purchasers. If you’re willing to go above and beyond, though, it’s one of the finest methods to turn your unused equipment into cash while avoiding the hustle of selling on other sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

It’s a very basic-looking platform where people can offer their camera equipment for sale. Craigslist has been known for some particularly slimy transactions. Make sure you set out clear terms and the state of the items you’re selling.

Use a secure money transfer platform and provide shipping insurance. Also, conduct your homework on the person you’re about to buy from.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re trying to sell older camera equipment, there are a variety of internet marketplaces where you may do so. There are several, but Facebook is one of the most popular. This means that it has one of the highest chances of selling any equipment you no longer require.

This selling approach is effective as long as you put in the effort to make things go smoothly. Always be clear when describing items, note flaws, and include numerous pictures. Being able to pinpoint your location is also helpful.

Don’t be scared to look at groups if you want a more specialized experience. Although this approach won’t give you the same exposure or audience as the entire market, it does typically mean your equipment gets in front of consumers who are more likely to buy it.

Avoid Selling Your Camera Gear at These Places


If you want to sell your stuff as soon as possible, eBay may be a fantastic location to do it. Because of the large number of users on the marketplace website, it may be an excellent spot to sell your goods if you need to get rid of them fast. However, if you wish to make the most money from your sale, avoid eBay.

As previously stated, eBay collects a 10% fee on the total sale price. So if you sell something for $100, eBay will take $10. If you sell something for $1,000, they will take $100. It should be noted that they do have a maximum charge of $750; so if you offer something particularly high-priced, the most you will be charged is $750.

However, that is still a significant amount of money, and it adds up when you sell costly goods or list several pieces of equipment. The substantial percentage that eBay takes from your sales may be money put into higher-quality camera equipment, extra lenses, and so on.

Tips for Selling Your Used Camera Gear

Include the Original Box (Make sure it looks and smells good when you ship it)

When selling your camera equipment on the internet, make sure to include the original box it came in with your product listing and even a photo of the box.

Owners who have kept their equipment in the original box often sell faster (and for a higher price) since they demonstrate to potential buyers that they are organized and probably cared for their stuff. The original box might also be useful to the new owner when it comes to warranty information.

Clean Your Gear

Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

Make the most of this opportunity to get your gear in order. Make sure to clean the lens of any camera if you’re selling it. If you’re selling a camera body, try cleaning any dust and debris from the cracks. It only takes a few minutes, but it will improve the appeal of your item to potential customers.

Take Quality Pictures as always

Taking the additional effort to capture a few high-resolution pictures of the goods you’re offering might help them sell faster. When there are many distinct photos, buyers like it. It allays any concerns about the item being damaged.

Although many of us don’t have a professional studio, there are still things you may do at home to shoot excellent photographs. Make sure the photo is well-lit with natural light first. You can accomplish this by taking photos near a window that has sufficient exposure.

After that, make sure the picture background is a single color and free of clutter. A cluttered backdrop may divert the buyer away from your ad.

Finally, take a few pictures from various angles to help the buyer better assess the product. This will allow buyers to appreciate the item more thoroughly. Include any scratches or other damage if there are any so that the buyer is aware of what to anticipate.

Be Detailed & Honest for yourself and for others

Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

It won’t help you to leave out any essential information about the condition of your belongings. The buyer may receive an item that wasn’t properly described, and you’ll be in a dispute over it. Which will almost certainly result in a return and refund of their money.

To ensure the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting, be as explicit as possible about the item you’re selling. If there’s anything wrong with it, just say so. Mention that the X function isn’t working or that Y has a large scratch.

Tips for Buying Used Camera Gear online or in-store

Always do your homework when it comes to purchasing equipment from places like KEH, B&H, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook gear trade groups.

Online vendors aren’t all checked out. Every time I purchase from an online marketplace, I follow a few guidelines.

Seller’s rating is as important as the seller’s items

On KEH or B&H, sellers may get feedback that affects their overall rating. I’d avoid them regardless of how fantastic the bargain is if their ranking is low or there are remarks about bad selling practices.

No Pictures, No Purchase

If there are no pictures of the merchandise for sale, or if they’re stock photos, request genuine images. Request images from all angles, including a close-up of the sensor, back screen, and front and rear components of the lens.

You got to have some questions ready

If the item description is unclear or does not sufficiently describe the condition or function of the product, ask the seller for further information. As a result, you’ll know precisely what you’re getting.

Inspect everything

If you’re purchasing from a local vendor, make an appointment to go see the camera or lens you’re buying. You may do a thorough examination of the equipment before giving anything over your money this way.

If you can’t sell something, either Give it Away or Recycle It

Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment
Best Place to Buy and Sell used Camera, Lens, Equipment

You may come to the conclusion that some of your equipment is challenging to sell or isn’t worth much. You might choose to give it away, sell it for display purposes, or search for a recycling program that will recycle it properly.

If you still have a functioning camera, see if you know someone who could use it or inquire whether a local school or charity shop might want it.

For older items, consider if they might be used as decorative pieces. I have a few old film cameras that aren’t worth much anymore. There are three possibilities there: sell or give them away for display purposes, or perhaps trade or donate them for the same reason. Some businesses prefer to utilize antique film cameras for showcasing purposes. A local museum may be willing to accept it as well.

Finally, if you can’t sell it or give it away, I’d suggest finding a recycling program in your area to properly dispose of it and maybe reutilize its precious materials. Many camera manufacturers and electronic stores will recycle digital cameras, as well As lenses and other camera equipment.

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