3 Reasons Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?

Today, almost every camera has an IPX rating. This means that it is water-resistant. But DSLR cameras are not Waterproof. So, why DSLR cameras are not waterproof? Let’s get to know about the hidden reasons for this and the solutions for it. Read on! In today’s world, photography has become quite popular among people of all ages. Even smartphones have some great photo-taking features.

Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?
Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?

However, users need a high-end cam to take perfect pictures with ease and comfort. There are a number of factors that photographers look out for while buying cameras like image resolution, auto-focus feature, zoom capacity, and most importantly whether it is waterproof or not. The same applies to DSLR cameras as well; if you are planning to buy one soon then you must read on to know more about why DSLR cameras are not waterproof and how you can solve this issue as well.

What does IPX Rating Mean?

IPX is an acronym for Ingress Protection. It is a standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission for measuring the protection provided against entry of water, dust, and sand for electrical equipment like computers, electrical appliances, and cameras. There are 8 different rating scales from 00 to 18 with each number indicating certain protection levels against water and dust. These are as follows: – No IP Rating – This means that the equipment is not protected against any water or dust.

  • IPX0 – No protection against any dust particles.
  • IPX1 – Protection against limited dust.
  • IPX2 – Protection against dust build-up.
  • IPX3 – Protection against water spray.
  • IPX4 – Protection against water jets.
  • IPX5 – Protection against low-pressure jets.
  • IPX6 – Protection against high-pressure jets.
  • IPX7 – Protection against temporary submersion.
  • IPX8 – Protection against constant submersion.

Why DSLR Cameras are not Waterproof?

Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?
Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?

As we have discussed above all cameras, smartphones included, have some sort of IP rating. So, why DSLR cameras are not waterproof? This is because all DSLR cameras are not made with waterproof materials. Thus, they cannot withstand water pressure and get damaged. DSLR cameras are made with non-waterproof materials like plastic, rubber, and some metals like aluminum.

Also, DSLR cameras are designed to work best in normal light settings. But when they are used underwater, they cannot perform the way they should. This is because the light refraction is different underwater. Moreover, the camera button can get wet and the photographer can accidentally click pictures, which is not useful in any way.

3 Reasons Why DSLR Cameras are Not Waterproof

The Shutter System – This is the most important part of a camera. When you click pictures with a DSLR camera, the shutter system opens for a few milliseconds and takes the picture. However, this system is not waterproof and can get damaged when water seeps in. –

The Lens of the Camera – The lens of a camera is what captures the light. When you go underwater, the water pressure causes the lens to get fogged up and the image captured will be blurry. This happens because water is not transparent. The water particles block the light and the image captured gets blurred.

The Image Sensor of the Camera – The image sensor of a DSLR camera is what captures the images. When you go underwater, the pressure acts on the sensor and causes it to get fogged up. This makes the image captured blurrily.

2 Solutions to Make Your DSLR Waterproof

Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?
Why DSLR Cameras are not WaterProof?

If you are planning to take pictures underwater then you can buy any one of the underwater cameras. Here are two solutions you can use to make your DSLR camera waterproof.

Buy an underwater camera – This is the best solution you can use to make your DSLR camera waterproof. However, you must make sure that you buy any one of these underwater cameras from reputed brands.

Put your DSLR in a waterproof case If you cannot buy an underwater camera then you can use a waterproof case to make your DSLR camera waterproof. You can also use a dry bag to make your DSLR camera waterproof.

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When it comes to buying a DSLR camera, you have to make sure that it is water-resistant. This can be done by buying waterproof cases or underwater cameras. This will prevent your camera from getting damaged when it comes in contact with water. Make sure that you are buying these cameras from reputed brand names.

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